Atlantic View Apartment, Cabo Branco.

What to do?

As well as the fantastic beaches and amenities within the city, you can explore beaches further afield. There are many buggy tours available for hire with local owner drivers, enabling you to go off road and drive along the beach. The scenery is tremendous as there are many cliffs and bays as well as the sub tropical vegetation.
Sea turtles.
There are also boat trips to offshore islands which appear at low tide. You can visit the beach area of Jacare where at sunset you are able to listen to Ravel's Bolero and eat Brazilian speciality tapioca (these are pancakes... both savoury and sweet). Within the city there is a huge range of restaurants and shops. However the best way to relax here is on the beach in the warm sub tropical waters.

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Tabatinga beach. Beach buggy tour. Tambaba beach.

Palmtrees at night. A sea bar!!. Areia Vermillia.