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How to get to Joao Pessoa, N.E. Brazil, from Europe.

The only way is by aeroplane! Get here by aeroplane. Brazil was colonised by the Portuguese and as a result direct daily flights depart from Lisbon airport in Portugal. TAP the national Portuguese airline fly direct to Recife and Natal, Rio and Sao Paulo. The first two are ideal for our properties. To get to Lisbon, is quite simple as the low cost British carriers operate daily schedules, and TAP operate an extensive European network. However you will have to stay overnight in Lisbon, but this is a pleasant part of the trip.
Lufthansa flights from the UK and European cities enable you to connect same day with the German airline Condor who fly from Frankfurt International to Recife. Condor have excellent prices to Brazil. Click here for Condor Flight Prices.
The flights take just under 8 hours and with a 3 hour time zone difference, jet lag does not exist. Flights also originate daily from Paris, London Heathrow, Madrid, Milan all using the national carriers of those countries. Please note a lot of them do link into the TAP flights from Lisbon!
if you are travelling from the USA,.... OR if you are travelling from Europe

As we all know by now, getting the most competitive flight to Lisbon or Frankfurt not as easy as it sounds. So use this link to start your search.
Flight savings website Remember by increasing your spend + taxes (these are an extra on this site) you will increase the number of available flights.

Thomsonfly and First Choice also have charter flights departing from Gatwick and Manchester landing in Natal or Salvador, at various times of the year. Sometimes they sell flight only tickets which are great value. However they are in the business of selling package holidays, so flights only are hard to come by.

Here is a list of companies which fly to N.E. Brazil, just click on their name to access their websites.

Condor Airlines ......... Flying direct from Frankfurt non-stop to all major cities in Brazil.

Arkefly airlines.... flying from Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)

TAP Portugal Airlines ..... Flying from: Lisbon direct, non-stop to N.E. Brazil. Connections from all over Europe to Lisbon.

TAM Airlines .... Flying from: London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Paris CDG, Madrid, New York, Miami, Bordeaux, Faro, Funchal, Marseille, Nantes and Strasbourg. They also fly from most major cities throughout S. America, so are useful for extending your holiday to other S. American destinations.

Thompsonfly .... Flying from: Gatwick to Natal, Thursdays each way only.

GOL Airways .... Flying from: All major South American airports. Excellent for onward internal travel.

Ocean Air .... Flying internally throughout Brazil and some larger S.Americian destinations.

To get to Frankfurt or Lisbon try the following european airlines:

Lufthansa... a complete European network.

Ryan Air .... Flying from virtually everywhere.

Easy Jet .... Flying from Stanstead, Gatwick, Luton, Liverpool, Belfast Aldergrove, Bristol, East Midlands, Glasgow, Newcastle.

TAP Airlines .... Flying from literally everywhere... Aberdeen, Amsterdam Barcelona, Athens, Belfast, Berlin, Birmingham, Brussels, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Leeds, Gatwick, Heathrow, Lyon, Madrid, Malaga, Manchester, Milan, Munich, New York, Oslo, Paris CDG & Orly, San Francisco, Tenerife, Venice, Washington DC, Zurich.... etc....

Taxi or Hire Car

This is a personal choice, but we have found the cost of a return taxi fare (approx £60.00) will go 40% towards your weekly hire car bill, as there is lots of competition in the world hire car market. Don't be put off by having a dual fuel vehicle...... Brazil is big on sugar cane alcohol fuel, which can used in the same tank as petrol. These engines are called "flex engines" and the performance is great, and at 65p a litre, its cheap motoring!

Try the following for quotes:

A local firm who are great value... small car for £100 per week Eurocar

Auto Europe


Health Care

IMPORTANT. Whilst you're organising your travel arrangements, ensure you have up to date travel health care and insurance. Brazilian hospitals are good especially in the Joao Pessoa area, but insurance will ensure you get quick treatment in any of the private hospitals in the city. For injections etc. which you may want to take before travelling, visit this website MD Travel Health There is no malaria here and very few flying insects of any kind..... the breezes are too consistent! Remember this is the coast and if you do not intend visiting Amazonia or the interior, then up to date European innoculations will generally be adequate for your visit.

Foreign Money

Brazil has its own currency called the Real R$. Credit cards are taken in most large restaurants and shops/supermarkets. The large hypermarkets have cash dispensers inside their premises, but it is best to notify your bank that you are holidaying in Brazil and you are not a victim of fraud if you intend to use this method of finance. Maximise your foreign travel money and get the best exchange rates by clicking here Exchange Rates

Thanks to Martin Lewis at for the flight checker and exchange rate website links.

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