Jib Luff, Inver Port.

By Car & Ferry from Britain.

A comfortable lounge with a view. Have a great holiday with your own car This entails driving in your own car to your chosen cross Irish Sea ferry operator and then up through Ireland at your own pace. There are two major ferry operators, Stena Line or Irish Ferries.
They both operate HSS (High Speed Vessels) as well as traditional ferries. Well worth the few extra pounds!
The major routes are........
Holyhead, N. Wales to Dublin.
Pembroke, South Wales to Rosslare, S.E. Ireland.
Stranraer/Cairnryan, S.W. Scotland to Larne, N. Ireland.

Evening views over Donegal Bay. Irish Ferries. It doesn't get much slower..
 but what a view! A comfortable evening in with the fire and satellite TV. Irish Ferries HSS Swift.

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Driving in Ireland

For route planning click here.
Basically this is the same as in the UK. Information and advice on road safety equipment and the requirements for driving in Ireland are as follows. Please note that you will require the following motoring equipment to legally drive in Ireland, Warning Triangle If your vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident, you should place a warning triangle 50-150 metres behind your vehicle to warn approaching traffic. The use of hazard lights alone is NOT sufficient in certain situations, for example an accident on a blind corner. GB Plate or similar. These are required by law to indicate your vehicle's country of registration. Spare Bulbs All lamps, including lenses and reflectors must be in working order, even during daylight hours. Failure to be in a position to replace a blown exterior bulb could result in an on the spot fine. First Aid Kit & Fire Extinguisher The European Good Samaritan Law requires every driver to stop and provide assistance when encountering an accident or incident, providing it is safe to do so. This may require a first aid kit and/or fire extinguisher and it is therefore advisable to carry these when driving in Europe. Reflective Vest Anybody providing roadside assistance, or leaving a stranded vehicle should always wear a reflective vest to ensure their own safety.
As always things can change so please check the internet for up to date information. Be Safe, Be Legal

The quickest way is by aeroplane!

Arriving by aeroplane. Today there are lots of flights from the British Isles and Northern Europe going to airports situated reasonably close to Donegal. You can fly to Dublin, Belfast City, Derry City, Belfast International, Sligo, Galway, Donegal Airport, Knock and Shannon. Once you land it's between a 30 minute and 3 hour drive drive by hire car to Jib Luff.

By Train

This is not a great option as they only run between Dublin and Belfast. However you can get to Holyhead and Stranraer, from where you connect with the ferries. After that it is by Bus or hire car.

Hire Car

This is a personal choice, but we have sometimes found the airlines to have very good deals with their chosen car hire firms. Just a small point, but most carhire companies are now insisting on seeing the full green paper driving licence issued to UK citizens as well as the plastic card with your photograph on it. If you don't have it with you they will telephone Swansea. If you are out of office hours, they will decline to rent to you, even if you have booked in advance.This is because only the green paper licence has your "up to date" endorsments on it. Beware! br>

Reciprocal Health Care

IMPORTANT. Whilst you're organising your travel arrangements, ensure you have an EHIC! The free government European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles you to free or reduced price medical treatment in any EU country (or Swiss) public hospital due to reciprocal arrangements between nations. You can and should order one free on the web. It can often get you quicker treatment and stop you needing to pay an excess on your travel insurance. Click here EHIC

Foreign Money

Money, Money, Money.... Maximise your foreign travel money and get the best exchange rates by clicking here Exchange Rates

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