Lionheart House, Le Presbytere, Dordogne.

Rates and Booking

You can pay for your booking with us by Bank Transfer (BACS) which has no fees on either side if made from a UK bank account to our UK bank account. The prices we quote you are for this method of payment. We are responsible for all the administration with you for your booking and subsequent holiday.

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Prices for BACS payment for four people staying.

May & June £500 per week

1st July - 13th July £ 550 per week

14th July - 31st August £750 per week

1st September - 20th September £550 per week

Laundry and linen costs per visit £80.00.

Entry after 16.00pm hours
Exit before 10.00am hours

Security deposit returned at the end of your stay £200.00

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Terms and Booking Conditions

Security Deposits
We operate a fully refundable security deposit system for all our properties. This is paid at the same time as the final payment for the property rental by BACS. The security deposit is rarely called upon as our clients are on the whole very considerate to our properties.
As we live in all our properies ourselves at various times of the year, we generally have a higher standard of furnishings and fittings than you would expect to find in similar other rentals. This is the reason we have a security deposit. We also rely on our clients to pay for the laundry and linen in local currency at some of our properties at the time of their departure. Sometimes people run out of money and again this can be rectified through the security deposit. Unfortunately we have to charge a higher sum as we have to eventually get the money back to the local people, so it is better if the cash is left when you leave.

Laundry, linen and Cleaning.
We pay the cost for the cleaning of the property on your departure, however we do expect it to be left in the same condition as you found it. Any large amount of extra cleaning by our local staff has to be paid for and we could reluctantly charge you accordingly. We provide bedlinen and house towels at all our properties for your use. These have to be laundered on your departure, and this is why we sometimes ask you to leave the money for this in local currency at the end of your stay, otherwise it is paid by BACS at the same time as your deposit. We do not provide swimming towels.