“Recommended Charter of Quality” These guidelines have been designed to highlight critical areas of concern to the traveller and to explain what can be expected from the property owner or manager who has agreed to abide by the recommended code. It is for guidance purposes only; responsibility lies with the property owner or their manager. 1. Truth and Disclosure in Renting: · We provide a comprehensive description of the property with photos of all key living areas so that potential guests have a clear understanding of what is being offered. · In attempting to secure a booking, we do not deliberately mislead potential guests, or conceal pertinent facts about our property, its location, availability, condition and amenities. · We reply to all enquiries promptly following the “sundowner rule” where possible, which aims to respond fully before the sun goes down. · We provide guests with a clear statement about what is included in the rental fee, offered as an optional extra or not offered at all, including cleaning/ maid services, linens, towels, equipment for children, household basics etc. · We disclose potential extras that may be charged in addition to your rent, if any, including utilities, taxes, cleaning fees, telephone and Internet access. · We explain pool cleaning arrangements, if applicable, and details of any other regular maintenance that guests can expect to be undertaken during their stay. · We explain our cancellation policy prior to booking confirmation and accepting money. · We provide a written receipt promptly for every payment received. · We inform guests if our policy is to cash security deposit cheques as a matter of routine in advance of the rental. · We return security deposits promptly, with an itemized account of deductions, if any are made. · We disclose any familial relationships, or compensation that we may receive as a result of your purchase of third party goods and services we may recommend to you, including travel insurance, car hire, airport transfers, babysitting, extra cleaning/maid service and the like. 2. Confidentiality in Renting · We do not knowingly disclose the personal identity of our guests to third parties unless we have permission to do so. · We do not publish guest reviews online without permission. · We do not knowingly reveal confidential information about our guests to third parties without permission. · We do not return personal items left in the home after your departure unless you report them as missing. 3. Care inside the rental home · Our guests are given our direct contact details and those of any local manager or representative who can deal with repair issues or complaints in a timely manner if we are not available ourselves. · Our guests are given emergency service contact numbers for local police, fire, ambulance, and medical facilities. · Where relevant, we provide information about the location of water stopcocks, fuse box/ circuit breakers and instructions for using appliances etc. · We provide tourist information about local area attractions, dining, events, sports facilities etc. Everyone who has indicated their willingness to abide by the Recommended Charter of Quality is expected to provide guests with a copy of it. Note Where our Recommended Charter of Quality and local laws conflict, the obligations of law take precedence.