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Let's Cook!

36 simple Recipes for you and your Child to Cook together.

This easy to follow book is designed for you to cook with your child. We give you a list of 36 recipes with the method and ingredients.
These recipes have been chosen over many years as the ones children love to help prepare and then eat afterwards.

At the end of each recipe we give you the opportunity to make a record of the recipe for your cooking scrapbook. This will build into a lovely momento of the time you and your child cooked together.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Safety First!
Recipe 1; Face Cake
Recipe 2; Herb Omelette
Recipe 3; Liquorice Shoelace Cake
Recipe 4; Roasted Vegetables
Recipe 5; Robot Cake
Recipe 6; Witch Cake
Recipe 7; Pumpkin
Recipe 8; Lemon Biscuits
Recipe 9; Fruit Crumble
Recipe 10; Gingerbread
Recipe 11; Train Cake
Recipe 12; Avocado Salad
Recipe 13; Chocolate Bar Wall
Recipe 14; Scones
Recipe 15; Iced Biscuits
Recipe 16; Mashed Potatoes
Recipe 17; Savoury Dip
Recipe 18; Potato Volcano
Recipe 19; Bruschetta
Recipe 20; Pancakes
Recipe 21; Mars Crunch
Recipe 22; Jam Tarts
Recipe 23; Pizza Face
Recipe 24; Egg Sandwiches
Recipe 25; Quiche
Recipe 26; Birds Nest Cake
Recipe 27; Caterpillar Cake
Recipe 28; Butterfly Cakes
Recipe 29; Goats Cheese and Basil Tart
Recipe 30; Kite and Liquorice Cake
Recipe 31; Dumplings
Recipe 32; Humus
Recipe 33; Oat Cakes
Recipe 34; French Bread Pizza
Recipe 35; Ice Cream Sundae
Recipe 36; Summer Sangria