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Dubai was also popular and there was an assortment of other European countries such as Bulgaria, Cyprus, Portugal and Italy.

The Institute for Public Policy Research, shows that more British live abroad than any other nationality. In 2005, 200,000 Britains moved overseas permanently, and 1 in 10 now live abroad. As you would expect many of those moving permanently abroad choose English speaking countries, Australia being the most popular. This is followed by the USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. Spain is by far the most popular country in Europe with France in 2nd place. For that reason the website will focus on France and Spain.

The general information, tables and questionnaires are however relevant wherever you want to purchase.

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Many people move abroad to either work or retire. Others just choose to purchase a holiday home as an investment. Many of these people cited a better climate as a major reason for buying abroad. A lower cost of living and a less stressful lifestyle were also important factors. Your reasons may be similar, or completely different, whatever they are, owning a property abroad can be a thoroughly rewarding experience. Enjoy it to the full!