The Dunes Penthouse, Marbella.

The easiest way is by aeroplane, but you can drive!

Arriving by aeroplane. Today there are lots of flights from all over the British Isles and Northern Europe going to Malaga AGP, which is your closest major airport to the penthouse. Once you arrive it's only a 30 minute drive by hire car or taxi to your final destination. As we all know by now, getting the most competitive flight to Malaga is not as easy as it sounds. So use these links to start your search. Or try

Remember if you can't get the flight you want to Malaga, try Jerez, Gibralatar or Granada, all between one or two hours drive away. This is better than it sounds as they are small airports and you will easily save 45 minutes in collecting baggage and your hire car!

Airport Parking

If your are leaving your car at the airport, this site can get you extra discounts.....

Taxi or Hire Car

This is a personal choice, but we have found the cost of a return taxi fare (lots and lots and lots of taxis at Malaga airport) will go 40% towards your weekly hire car bill, as there is lots of competition in the hire car market. There are local supermarkets close to the penthouse... 15 mins walk so you can survive without your own transport.... Transfer del Sol will give you a quick quotation and there are local British drivers also available.... just ask.

Try the following for hire car quotes:

.... OR.....

Reciprocal Health Care

IMPORTANT. Whilst you're organising your travel arrangements, ensure you have an EHIC! The free government European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles you to free or reduced price medical treatment in any EU country (or Swiss) public hospital due to reciprocal arrangements between nations. You can and should order one free on the web. It can often get you quicker treatment and stop you needing to pay an excess on your travel insurance. Click here EHIC

Foreign Money

Maximise your foreign travel money and get the best exchange rates by clicking here Exchange Rates